About me

My journey as an artist started on the Art Foundation at City of Bath College where I gained a distinction.
This was followed by a First class Hons degree in Fine Art at Bath School of Art (Bath Spa University)
Then back at the college I added a Diploma in Teaching with experience in teaching Art Foundation and National Diploma Students.
I also worked as a Sculpture Workshop Technician while studying.

Since then...

I make diverse works, exhibit, occasionally curate and lecture on my practice.
Although I have sold work, it is not my reason for making.

What I do 

 I connect things. 
 I bring together old and new.
 I explore what it means to be an artist, both personally and in a wider context. 
 I combine handmade and readymade, crafted and conceptual to explore what making means today. 
 I am not driven by a particular material or process. 
 I gain skills as I need them.
 I sometimes collaborate with other artists and curators.
 I question authorship. 
 I am interested in the artist/viewer relationship. 
 I make works that are concept driven realised in mixed media sculpture, text, drawing, photography....
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